Diaby African Hair Braiding
Diaby African Hair Braiding

Diaby African Hair Braiding: Styles to Fit Your Lifestyle

Located in the heart of Peoria, Diaby African Hair Braiding is a modern beauty salon offering a variety of amazing hair braiding and hair extensions. At Diaby African Hair Braiding, we are committed to making every visit a rejuvenating one, no need to go to Chicago in order to get your hair done professionally. Peoria deserves one of the best straight from New York with knowledge of the latest styles for men and women.Diaby is ready to indulge you.

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Looking for a whole new look, come check out our 200 photo album! At Diaby African Hair Braiding, we offer a range of hair styles such as Micros, Invisible, flat twist, braid lucks, pixie, Senegalese, box braids, corn rows, tree braids, weave, fish tail, kinky or bring your own picture.

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Diaby African Hair Braiding

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Diaby African Hair Braiding

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